SPOA Logging Project Completion Announcement

September 2014


The SPOA Board is happy to announce that the Logging Project has been completed. Many of you may have already been up on the mountain and have seen the results of the SPOA's contract with a logging cleanup company. The company hired to do this work was BARCO located in Washington, UT. The three largest remaining timber stands within SPOA boundaries were cut by machinery & then skidded into piles that may be burned soon after sufficient snow is on the ground to allow this final step to be accomplished.


A brief presentation of before, during & after photos & videos was given at the 2014 Fall Dinner Social event.


Logging piles that are accessible & convenient for relatively safe cutting of firewood by SPOA membership will be identified & will not be burned this year. A firewood cutting policy has been established by the SPOA & is posted on the SPOA website for all membership to read & adhere to. We appreciate the patience that has been exhibited by most SPOA members during this difficult & lengthy process of having beetle killed timber stands cut & removed to make the entire SPOA safer from fire danger. Please understand that not every beetle killed tree was able to be cut & removed. However, we feel that the largest areas of risk to personal/tangible property (i.e. cabins, etc.) were dealt with equitably during this process.


We realize that not everyone will be entirely pleased with what was done most recently nor previously over the past several years, but it is now time to look forward to the re-growth that will occur naturally. While we know that the SPOA fir & spruce stands look much different than before the beetle infestation occurred & may never, in most of our remaining lifetimes, be as dense as they once were, we are sure that within a few years everyone will agree that the logging work that was done was & is beneficial to all SPOA members and that the SPOA forested property appears much better aesthetically and is much more healthy than would be the case if this logging project had not been done.



SPOA Board - 2014


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Logging Completion Announcement

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Logging Clean Up Video

SPOA Logging Project - Firewood Policy

September 2014


There are numerous piles of timber on SPOA property as a result of the recent logging cleanup efforts. Trees were cut & stacked into piles for the purpose of decreasing fire danger & tending to our duty to allow the beetle infested & killed timber stands to have natural re-growth occur as quickly as possible. The following policy has been established by the SPOA Board regarding these piles of cut timber. We expect all SPOA members to adhere to this policy & its guidelines.


*    It is hereby strictly prohibited to remove any of this timber for the purpose of selling it to any other party. Any sale of this timber must only be done by the SPOA with any & all funds collected for such a sale being deposited into the SPOA Logging Fund Account only.


*    Slash piles located higher up the hillsides and not easily accessible from roads will be burned as soon as practical.


*    Log Deck Piles located near roads will be made accessible for all SPOA members for the purpose of using the timber for personal firewood only. Please note & understand that these Log Deck Piles are very big & are inherently dangerous. Caution & safety must be practiced by everyone whenever cutting & removing firewood form these piles. Neither the SPOA nor the individual property/lot owner where the piles are located can or will be held responsible for any harm, accident or injury that occurs to anyone while on or around these timber piles; whether it happens during harvesting of firewood or at any other time.


*    The SPOA Board is hereby informing all SPOA members of the inherent dangers of being around these Log Deck Timber Piles. We hereby recommend & instruct everyone to stay a substantial distance away from these timber piles & to exercise extreme caution whenever removing any timber for personal use as firewood.


*    Removal of timber for firewood is to be used for SPOA members' personal use only.



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Logging Firewood Policy