Please log in below to access the members only section as well as get to the forum.

It has been determined that each Lot will have one username and password for everyone associated with that Lot. If you have multiple lots you will only need and receive one username and password. Please share the password with those family members that you want to have access to this information.

Once you are able to log onto this section you will see that there is a section for a forum. We have decided to do a forum rather than a blog. This way everyone can communicate much faster and easier then in a blog. You can post topics and replys without having to go through sending any emails to have stuff posted. The forum is located on an outside sorce webpage but it is free for everybody that joins. Log in to get the link to get to the forum.

When you need to get a username and password please email Chad Thomsen at with the following information:

Your requested username & password

An email address that will be associated with it

First and Last name

Your Lot #.

If your username is not available you will be notified. Please allow a couple of days to get the information back to you. If you are not the owner of the lot please obtain the username and password from the owner to gain access to this section.

I know there have been isssues with not being able to log in at times. Sometiems if you refresh the browser after you get the error it will start working.

Sometimes you may just have to try again in a few minutes. I am working on getting this fixed so that we don't have these problems anymore.