Here are some pictures that were taken in the association on

June 5th 2011 by Scott Halton. The snow is still very deep and will be a few more weeks before anyone will be able to drive in on dry roads.

Also if you see your cabin on here and would not like it posted please let me know as well.

  If you have any pictures you would like to have posted, send me an email with the pictures and I will post them.

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Here is Scotts Report of the snow on June 5th.

I measured the depth of the snow on a couple of roads. The road from the highway to the gate has from 18” to 30” on it. After the gate through the meadow it has been plowed with a snow cat down to 12” to 18”. The bottom of Elk Hollow has 30” on the road. The top of elk hollow must be over 4’ you will see the speed limit sign in one of the pictures.