We are now back up and running with the new camera.


Please read this first


It does take about 5-10 seconds for the picture to show up so please be patient. Depending on which browser you use, enter the username and password when prompted or click on the link below to access the camera. This is just a snapshot taken when you open up the page. It is not a live streaming video camera. Please close the browser once you are done viewing the picture. Thanks


SPOA Camera Link

User: SPOA

Password: SPOAcamera1


Today is:

Please click link above to login to show picture

***One note about spring snow melt road conditions. Our cabin is located on a south facing slope and therefore we lose the snow faster than other places on the mountain. If you see snow still in the picture in the pine trees, chances are you will not be able to get to your place because of the snow depth still on the roads. Please do not think that just because there is not any snow at our place that there will not be snow at your place. Our place is one that looses the snow first and it may take another several weeks before you can get to your place.***