Skyline Property Owners Annual Meeting



May 8, 2017


Doors open at 6 PM and dinner will be served at 6:30 PM

Business Meeting to start at 7 PM

Please RSVP so enough food is ordered.


Walk-ins that have not sent in an RSVP will be asked to

wait until others have been served that did RSVP.


Please read the newsletter below.


Click here for newsletter


Come to The Skyline Property Owners Association Picnic


DATE:   Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TIME:     Dinner starting at 6:30 PM. Business Meeting to follow.

PLACE: Spanish Fork North Park Pavilion  (Northeast of Costco)

1185 North 400 East

Spanish Fork, Utah

ADULTS: $5.00

CHILDREN: $3.00 (12 & under)


***Please RSVP***


to  or call 801-798-8835 and leave a message so we can plan to have enough food for everyone.

The pictures from the work day is up on the new facebook groups page.

Click the link below to check it out.

Work Day Slideshow

We have started a Facebook Group for the association. Please sign up if you have facebook. It will be a much easier place for everyone to share workday info, pictures, ask for help and just an all around good way to communitcate with each other. You must be accepted into the group before you can make any posts or comments. Please ask to join the group so we can get you approved. Only those that are a part of the group will be able to post anything and in the futre it will be only visible to those that are members as well. Right now anyone can see the page but only members can post. That way people can find it and get set up. We will allow family members of the owners to sign up so everyone can be invovled with the group. If we have a question on who is signing up for the group we may reach out to the person requested or the owner to confirm they are part of the association before being accepted into the group. Email me (Chad Thomsen) at if you have any questions on this.


Update about the Spring Buisness Meeting


At the Spring Banquet held on May 12, 2015, the Governing Documents were voted on and passed by the association members present. They will be posted to the website as soon as the filing of the documents have been completed.


The Board of Directors that were voted on at the meeting has been updated and placed in the members only section.


The next workday will be held July 18, 2015. Again we will meet at the East gate and 9:00 am.  We expect to have the stickers and posts available to begin this project.  Those willing to help with stickers should bring a chair.  We will work on the stickers at the Bench’s cabin (Lot 11N) and will also have a lunch afterward.  In addition to stickers/posts, we will also be cleaning out culverts/ditches along the road (grading will be completed by then) and spraying more thistles.


As a reminder, the Association has a 15 MPH speed limit.  Over the past few weekends, there have been numerous complaints shared with the board regarding ATV’s and motorcycles that are not adhering to this speed limit.  Please remind your guests, children and other adults in your groups that the association roads are not a personal racetrack and to be courteous to all other members by obeying the 15 MPH limit.




Agenda for the Spring Buisness Meeting

Message to SPOA Members



Important Governing Documents


Dear Skyline Property Owners Association Members,

As a Board, we want to thank you for your taking the time necessary to review and become familiar with the governing documents of our association. The Board has spent a significant amount of time over the past 18 months reviewing and discussing all of the changes that are being proposed. This letter will hopefully provide some background information as well as answer some questions that may be helpful as you review the documents......

These documents have been posted to the members only section of this site.

Please log on to view these documents and read the rest of this letter.

Click here to go to the documents




Fall Meeting Presentation

Here is a link to the presentation that was given durring the fall meeting.

SPOA 2014 Update Fall Picnic




Skyline Newsletter Spring 2014


A new Road Map of the association has been uploaded in the Members Only section of the website.

This map also will soon be mounted up at the gate and throught the assosiation at various locations.

In-Kind Wildfire Preparation Log

Please fill out this form

and send it to

Please fill this form out for any work you have done on your lot for the past 5 years that has not been turn in yet.

This will give us leverage to get more grant money to do more work in the subdivision.

***Winter Parking***


We all know that the winter parking issue is tough at times with the parking lot not being plowed, especially with the logging trucks in our parking lot. However we still need to do our part. If we are leaving winter vehicles in the parking lot for a few days, it makes it just that much more difficult for our parking lot to get plowed. Please, if you are leaving your stuff out by the parking lot please park it northwest of the parking lot in the snow and not directly in the parking lot. This would be much appreciated. Also to those that have the snowcats and have helped out with the plowing we greatly appreciate it. Thanks


The Chloride has been sprayed down on the roads from the parking lot, up Elk Hollow, a little bit up Quakie Mtn Road, and some on the West side. Please remember that this does not mean that you can now drive faster on these roads. It may seem smoother and tempt you to drive faster but please maintain your speed around 15 to 20 mph. There are many people out on 4 wheelers and bikes on the roads and we don't want anyone to get hurt. Also please don't tear up the roads by spinning out your tires on the 4 wheelers. There are many hours put into making the roads better for everyone so please be respectful of the time others put into making the roads better for everyone up there. Thanks